It’s extremely important that we all consider how we approach the topic of mental health. Dr. Bergina Isbell, a Christian psychiatrist, sits down with Michael Crawford, the BCM/D’s State Director of Missions, to discuss this important area. Get your pen and notepad ready and listen in.

Dr. Bergina Isbell, Founder Growing In Grace and author of “Victory Over Depression” joined Kevin Krueger to talk about the mental health of our teens and how they can deal with difficulty in a healthy way.

With rising concern for Coronavirus, Dr. Bergina authors faith, hope, love, and facts. Here are some teachings for more information: Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Dr. Bergina does live teachings and interviews, as well as speaking at a variety of conferences, corporations, and churches.  Here are a host of natural options including information, MCT and CBD oil, essential oils

For more encouragement, see below. 

Dr. Bergina and SXSW Autism Tech Panel

Brent Chase Co-Founder and CEO of Gaia Wearables

In the Spring of 2019, Dr. Bergina did a weeklong teaching on the Endocannibinoid system and the benefits of CBD Oil.  Learning more below.

Dr. Givona Sandiford, developer of Melodic Based Communication Therapy

Aimee Cayer of Autism on the Seas

Dr. Bergina does product reviews and comments on resources.  A portion of earnings from links below helps provide information of value to others like you. 
As always, 10% of all proceeds is given to charity.


The Hemplucid brand was recommended by a patient who utilized it for pain and sleep.  Click to learn more below.

cbd oil
MCT and CBD Oil

Seasonal Affective Disorder and other Mood disorders can be treated witih Light Therapy (10,000 Lux).  Speak with your health care provider about this treatment option.

ANL Home Page

ANL Home Page

Red Light Therapy is a newer kid on the block.  Here is an article to read more about this: