My childhood dream was to be a physician.  I spent decades in training on the the brain and behavior in some of the most elite institutions in the US.  As a Psychiatrist, I’ve cared for patients ranging from musical artists to entrepreneurs of million dollar companies. I helped them achieve what they couldn’t on their own – recovery from addictions and rediscover joy from their mission, vision, and values.  I was successful and my dreams had come true.

Then, I took a step away from the kind of career I had worked so hard to achieve.

Why in the world would I do that?!

Because I didn’t just want a career, I wanted a calling.   I wanted to leave a legacy…

A legacy that included making time for the things that were most important, like my spirituality and my marriage,

A legacy for my children, that included being available fully and present in their lives

A legacy of transforming others using the same teachings I used to break free from past regrets and propel them towards their purpose.

I am learning to enjoy the journey, living fully and I hope you will join me, as I am

Growing in grace,

Dr. Bergina

Bergina Isbell, MD is a Board Certified Mayo Clinic trained Psychiatrist, speaker, and author.  With graduate research training from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, she is well versed in assisting her patients in making informed decisions about their health.  She is the founder of Led Life, LLC, the Psychiatry service that provides mental health guidance one step at a time.  While she continues to see a limited number of patients, she is additionally the founder of Growing in Grace, LLC a Life Coaching service for those who are are taking the healing and growth process to an even higher level.  The Autism Alignment Movement provides interest for and by those wth different abilities.  Dr. Bergina, as she is affectionately called by her patients and clients, believes in empowering people to grow beyond their current limits.  She is a driving force behind positive change and building up people where they may have been torn down and pointing them forward in the transformation process.  She has great belief in the power of the spoken work and confidence in the Word, utilizing it to help patients “prosper and be in health, even as their soul prospers.”  She has invested years of study in her medical profession to help others achieve their mental and life health goals.

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